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1. You were trying to access one of my old posts from the betheseducer.com blog. All of those posts are now compiled in PDF Archives that chronicled my journey from divorced “loser with women” to one of the most successful and highly sought after and acclaimed dating coaches on earth. I created and popularized the concept of “Same Night Lays” and “Sexual Framing” – later I created an overarching framework called “Game Dynamics.” You can get those archives at the bottom of the page.

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If either of those is true, You Are In The Right Place!

Let’s get down to business. Later, I’m going to ask you to watch and comment on a video (it’s less than 10 minutes) that will be a MAJOR piece in helping you get better with women and I guarantee it is unlike anything else you’ve seen in the dating arena but it is THE reason anyone who has ever gotten good with women has gotten good…

…it is NOT a routine, story, theory, pick-up line or anything like that. The link is further down below but you should read the entire page so you better understand it.

It might help to start off with a picture of my life now.
I’m at the point where I am never lacking for a date or a girlfriend. I can literally go out for a few hours and in one night have several prospects and even start a sexual relationship that same night – if I choose to.

I set out in 2004 after my divorce to solve my dating problems FOR GOOD. I worked hard at it for a few years and as news of my success grew I was asked by a popular dating coach to help him on bootcamps which helped guys get better with women by going out to night clubs and approaching tons of women.

It was a blast! And, we had a lot of fun.

It’s crazy because when I started I would have NEVER believed any of that was even possible.  And, it wasn’t… not with the way I originally started to do things.

When I first went out to bars/clubs to talk to them I quickly formed the opinion that women were either really mean or there was something seriously wrong with me.

That is when I was actually able to FORCE myself to talk to them. Most of them time I stood there frozen like a popsicle. (A popsicle who drank tons of alcohol and stared at girls.)

Many of them acted like they couldn’t even hear me when I spoke. That’ll KILL your enthusiasm quick.

I even got the “hand to the face” thing a couple of times.

Many nights I went home after having been so paralyzed with fear that I never talked to a single woman.

Of course, I got to a breaking point and started looking for a way to improve results.

What changed? The short answer is that I realized what I needed to do to obliterate the woman’s propensity to keep her natural sex drive in check. (She does that because Society penalizes women for their sex drives!)

But, telling you that right now would only be mildly helpful because that can only be done when she already VALUES what you are saying to her.

After getting my ass kicked for several months, I started to use a system and the scientific method. I became like a ‘mad scientist’ trying to figure out a formula. I wasn’t new to the scientific method.

I was trained as a Computer Scientist and at my school there actually WAS an emphasis on the scientist part.

The first thing any scientist needs is a baseline. So, I started collecting ideas about structured formats and conversation snippets (called Routines). I viewed every interaction as an experiment about which I’d collect data.

Then, I’d analyze the data and see how it would change the next social approach experiments.


Some people think so but screw what they think. I was tired of being ALONE!

I revealed that “scientific method” technology in a youtube video called “Sticking Point Analysis.”

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